A Flower For My Hair Or. . .


So, my cute Puerto Rican comes to work finally and . . .NOTHING. lol

He shows up smiling and telling me about his trip. I am looking around and . . .NOTHING.

Not that I expected some delivery guy to carry a flower around all day in a hot truck BUT it would have been really nice if he had. #dreamer

Anyway, I gave my number to the young guy. Why? IDK, I guess he could be a cool friend or someone to hang out with.

So I guess I am still awaiting my flower. I wished for a flower once. I was walking to work, back in undergrad, and a homeless guy handed me a carnation. It was half-wilted. The guy looks at me a says, "Well, it still got life in it!" I started to laugh.

I need to get out more. lol

4 thoughts on “A Flower For My Hair Or. . .

  1. So is the crush officially over? 🙂 You should’ve told him that you would give him your number in exchange for a flower! I bet he would’ve remembered then!

  2. Great idea @FullComplexity gave. Awww I’d surely hoped he brought you a flower. Awww dont end the crush he may not have known u were serious.Lol Cute. Maybe you can bring it up again on your first date. Assuming there will be one.

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