Yee Haw, Rodeo

I really feel like a Texan now. I went to the rodeo yesterday. It was quite an experience. I have never totally understood the cowboy culture, being a city gal and all, but I enjoyed the event. 

Three things standout about the experience:

  1. There was a prayer that actually mentioned Jesus in the opening ceremonies.
  2. There was the strangling of small cattle, excuse me, steers.
  3. There was the last known slave performing stale jokes and doing the chicken dance. I guess he is called the rodeo clown. lol

I, like most of the attendees, viewed the rodeo as an event, much like going to the circus. You enjoy the acrobatics but later on you think, "Wow, someone actually aspired to be a trapeze artist?"

I loved the barrel racing. I can even understand the bull racing and horse bucking (not sure if that is the actual terminology). I cannot understand the steer wrestling. I really cannot understand the children on the racing sheep.

Sheep, you ask? Take a looksee.


There was a child on that sheep but he fell off as said sheep barreled through the gate at high speed. Oh, and that's the antebellum clown.



That is the tiny steer right before the cowboy wrestled her to the ground and twisted the horns.


Barrel racing. I liked this portion. 

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  1. It’s fitting that the clown’s name is Leon Coffee. And it’s taken me what, only about 3 years to sign on and post a comment 🙂

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