A Flower For My Hair Or. . .


So, my cute Puerto Rican comes to work finally and . . .NOTHING. lol

He shows up smiling and telling me about his trip. I am looking around and . . .NOTHING.

Not that I expected some delivery guy to carry a flower around all day in a hot truck BUT it would have been really nice if he had. #dreamer

Anyway, I gave my number to the young guy. Why? IDK, I guess he could be a cool friend or someone to hang out with.

So I guess I am still awaiting my flower. I wished for a flower once. I was walking to work, back in undergrad, and a homeless guy handed me a carnation. It was half-wilted. The guy looks at me a says, "Well, it still got life in it!" I started to laugh.

I need to get out more. lol

A Flower for My Hair

Really short post ahead. . .

So the really cute delivery man notices the flower in my hair. What does he say?

"It's cute but it's not real."

Um, are you talking about the flower or my weave?

This is the second time I've worn a flower and the second time he questioned its realness. Ugh!


What are you a deliver guy or a horticulturists? Geez.

So I say, "Well, maybe someone needs to bring me one."

And he says, " One from Puerto Rico. I am going to Puerto Rico this weekend to visit my parents."Blah, blah, blah!

He better bring me back a flower or else this crush officially ends!!! LOL