A Flower for My Hair

Really short post ahead. . .

So the really cute delivery man notices the flower in my hair. What does he say?

"It's cute but it's not real."

Um, are you talking about the flower or my weave?

This is the second time I've worn a flower and the second time he questioned its realness. Ugh!


What are you a deliver guy or a horticulturists? Geez.

So I say, "Well, maybe someone needs to bring me one."

And he says, " One from Puerto Rico. I am going to Puerto Rico this weekend to visit my parents."Blah, blah, blah!

He better bring me back a flower or else this crush officially ends!!! LOL

8 thoughts on “A Flower for My Hair

  1. I hope he brings you a flower too. If and when he does, make extra sure that he sees you put the flower over your left ear. Why the left ear? Because Hawaiian ladies wear a flower over their left ear to let all the guys know that they are single and very available.If the flower is over the right ear, then that lets the guys know that she’s married. Hopefully he’ll notice the flower over your left ear and he’ll get the message.

  2. Oh, yes. Various cultures the world over use some kind of designation that informs as to the marital status of women. I know you’ve seen Hindu women from India and the pretty silk clothes they wear. Notice the ones with a red dot in the middle of their forehead. That red dot means they are married. But as I’ve said, make sure the guy notices you putting the flower over your left ear. Then smile at him, bat your eyelashes at him then ask him how does the flower look. If I’ve got him figured out ( and I think I do ), he’ll say that the flower looks pretty, but not as pretty as you are. He’ll say that you are a “cutie pie”.

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