A Flower For My Hair Or. . .


So, my cute Puerto Rican comes to work finally and . . .NOTHING. lol

He shows up smiling and telling me about his trip. I am looking around and . . .NOTHING.

Not that I expected some delivery guy to carry a flower around all day in a hot truck BUT it would have been really nice if he had. #dreamer

Anyway, I gave my number to the young guy. Why? IDK, I guess he could be a cool friend or someone to hang out with.

So I guess I am still awaiting my flower. I wished for a flower once. I was walking to work, back in undergrad, and a homeless guy handed me a carnation. It was half-wilted. The guy looks at me a says, "Well, it still got life in it!" I started to laugh.

I need to get out more. lol

So I Removed My Bionic Lashes and. . .

. . .I'm still cute. lol

A co-worker complimented my eyes without the lashes. She said my eyes looked brighter. So maybe the bionic parts thing is all in my head. No way to truly tell.

The really cute Puerto Rican deliver guy called me baby today. Not sure how I feel about that. It was a very casual, "Talk to you later, baby." Like, for realz?

You better be lucky you're the cuteness. lol

New co-worker. He is such a flirt. Plus he is funny. Plus he is single, unlike this dude. But he is younger than I am.

Womp. Womp.

The saga continues.