Seven Annoying Habits I Have Being Single

There is a certain freedom that come with being single. A freedom that is threatened with the introduction of a significant other in your life. When I seriously think about being married, I realize I would have to give up certain freedoms that another person might find rather annoying.


  1. Wearing Granny Panties – I know, TMI, but they are sooo comfortable. This one goes hand-in-hand with – Matching Panties and Bra.

  2. Farting – *blushing* I fart, ok. Usually, at night but, hey, it is just me. #Freedom
  3. Eating Raw Garlic – I love garlic but usually shy away from it in social settings. At home alone, I eat it on salads raw. It is good for the heart, right?
  4. My Hair Is Everywhere – Maybe I need to trim my ends but my hair seems to be everywhere. I just just leave where it lands until clean up day.
  5. I Sing A Lot – This was way annoying to my sister but she's a hater. lol
  6. I Hate Shaving – If I were a lesbian, I would be the hairiest lesbian you'd ever meet. I would not shave, wax, pluck or thread a darn thing on my body. I abhor it BUT I do it because it makes me look presentable, like a LADY.
  7. I Don't Cook – I am seriously considering taking a culinary class when I graduate. I hear a way to man's heart is his stomach and I need a paved road.

What are some of your annoying habits? If you are married, what are some of your spouses annoying habits that you put up with?


    2 thoughts on “Seven Annoying Habits I Have Being Single

    1. I never thought I’d be happy single. I do have something like a boyfriend that’s 2000 mi. away that I care for deeply. I’ve never hated being away from him. I need the space I guess.
      I still shave,tweeze,pluck and polish. But the best thing about being single is not putting up with the b.s. (his nasty ass habits, ways, white lies, etc. hell not even his ass sometime).
      Okay I’m done blogging in your comments.

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