Seven Annoying Habits I Have Being Single

There is a certain freedom that come with being single. A freedom that is threatened with the introduction of a significant other in your life. When I seriously think about being married, I realize I would have to give up certain freedoms that another person might find rather annoying.


  1. Wearing Granny Panties – I know, TMI, but they are sooo comfortable. This one goes hand-in-hand with – Matching Panties and Bra.

  2. Farting – *blushing* I fart, ok. Usually, at night but, hey, it is just me. #Freedom
  3. Eating Raw Garlic – I love garlic but usually shy away from it in social settings. At home alone, I eat it on salads raw. It is good for the heart, right?
  4. My Hair Is Everywhere – Maybe I need to trim my ends but my hair seems to be everywhere. I just just leave where it lands until clean up day.
  5. I Sing A Lot – This was way annoying to my sister but she's a hater. lol
  6. I Hate Shaving – If I were a lesbian, I would be the hairiest lesbian you'd ever meet. I would not shave, wax, pluck or thread a darn thing on my body. I abhor it BUT I do it because it makes me look presentable, like a LADY.
  7. I Don't Cook – I am seriously considering taking a culinary class when I graduate. I hear a way to man's heart is his stomach and I need a paved road.

What are some of your annoying habits? If you are married, what are some of your spouses annoying habits that you put up with?