So I Finally Saw Avatar – My Review

and it was aiight. lol

If you want a visually stimulating experience, GO SEE AVATAR.

However; if you want quality storyline, engaging dialogue, logical progression - um, go see something else.

I will keep this short because AVATAR is something you have already seen before regardless if you have purchased a ticket.

Imagine the storyline of Apocalypto, with the over-the-top machinery of Transformers, with the science fiction of the Matrix, with the white-savior complex of Dances with Wolves, with the graphics of Shrek 3-D and you have the jumble-lya that is AVATAR.

The love story is out of any movie you have ever seen!

My final rating – eh *shrugs shoulders*

Am I off base here?

4 thoughts on “So I Finally Saw Avatar – My Review

  1. No you are not….I enjoyed it but fought myself to stay awake since I paid the money to go see it. Maybe the pancakes from IHOP had sleeping powder in them or maybe it was just tooo damn long…..
    Miss Ya Chica !!!

  2. Avatar thrilled me, and I think it’s only because it was the first 3D movie (imax or whatever you call it) I have seen since I was 10…perhaps making it only the 2nd 3D movie I have ever seen. I also thought it was very creative, in an artsy way, full of ideas new to me.

  3. I really liked the visuals. It's a beautiful movie. Have you seen any of the other pictures I mentioned? I think Avatar "borrowed" a lot of the same themes/concepts from previous films.

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