Blogging Is So Like Exercise. . .

. . .it's so hard to start back up after a long break, but it feels so good after you're done.

**WARNING**This post is filled with odds and ends.

I completed my semester. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 "A's" and a "B". One more semester people and it's a wrap.

Was at the grocery store and saw the foxiest sixty-ish year old woman alive. She had on a fur coat, mini-skirt, high- heels, and a head wrap. I wanted to yell at her, "Momma, you betta weeerrrkkk!!!!"

Where is Usher? Why isn't he singing songs? I am so sick of these new R&B guys with whiny voices and no abs!!!! LOL!

I am really feeling working out at the "real" gym. Since school is out, I am gonna try to go more than twice a week.

I was gonna do a post about the "Michaeljacksonfication" of Sammy Sosa, but every time I look at this picture, I get grossed out.



So is Vivica Fox dating 50 cent again? If so, why? Didn't he totally diss her on Howard Stern or something?

Anyway, what's up in your world?

One thought on “Blogging Is So Like Exercise. . .

  1. I’m glad your semester is over, and I’m glad you have only one more to go. Keep up the good work, don’t stop now.
    I went to see “Precious” the other day. Now, upon seeing “Precious”, many will say that it deals with issues of illiteracy, abuse, obesity, and urban youth in general; yes, I agree with that. But there’s something else going on as well.
    “Precious” is the story of a girl who is surrounded by all the trappings of living in racist America… extreme poverty, abuse, self-hate, dysfunction. And because of her living circumstances, she doesn’t have time to set goals for her life; her only priority is to just make it through her day! Her only coping skills consist of the use of profanity and day dreaming which helped her to escape her realities. Yet despite the life that was thrust upon her, Precious instinctively knew that there was a better life out there for her; she knew that she had to make changes in her life for herself and for her children. In all, her life shows that the synergy of negativity is created by racial isolation. Now we come to the crux of the movie.
    When Precious is sent to an “alternative shool”, she learns about the emancipatory narrative that is contained in the written word. Through the act of writting in her journal, Precious begins an undertaking, a noble quest, through dialogue, which becomes a heroic discourse of self-discovery and represents a bold step towards the construction of a role as an individual and as a social entity. This alternative literature provides Precious with experiences that are real, responsive, critical, reflective, and very personal. It is in this way that Precious transforms herself into a manifesto, a claiming of the right to speak as a requisite part of her affirming herself in the dissertation of the American national narrative.

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