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R&B Divas LA – Reunion Parts 1 and 2 A Review and Other Stuff

I have not been on a true vacation in over 5 years. I really need one. I am the sweetest, nicest person but when I am cranky – watch out! lol What makes me cranky? Lack of sleep, rest, tranquility . . . having no vacation time life until November. #ARGH.

Reality TV is my little escape from this stressful world. Sitting at a computer all day is enough to drive anyone stir-crazy. I watch. I write. The world keeps spinning on its axis.

This past week, I watched the R&B Divas Season 2 Reunion – Part 1 and 2. I am left wondering why we women cannot get along and build. Actually, I am re-watching it again because I am still confused.

No one seems to like each other and I DON’T GET IT. As an observer, I see that each woman is marginalized in the industry. If they would only collaborate, they could be a force of change and great music. A perfect example is the Puerto Rican project.

If you have been a long time reader of mine, you know I have a soft spot for Puerto Ricans, er, Puerto Rico. (I want to go on vacation so bad.)

How can you be mad in Puerto Rico?

The ladies are commissioned by the Puerto Rican Tourist Bureau to create a song for Puerto Rican tourism. They create a beautiful song. That fact is lost among the fighting over rehearsal, parts, performance. They argue in a rain forest.

Side note: Some friends went to Puerto Rico this summer and had an argument in the rain forest. 

On the reunion, everyone airs their grievances about Chante Moore. Chrisette Michele, Lil’ Mo and Leelah James to some extent are not feeling Chante Moore. They state she acts like the world revolves around her. Chante is sitting on that couch looking freaking flawless, like, I woke up like this . . . flawless. I am left wondering if this is the real source of the problem. Pretty girls do have it tough. Like, oh, that pretty girl doesn't wanna be my friend. I hate her! lol

Insults . . . apologies . . . body guard . . . and a pink elephant all make their appearances. Watching this has me drained.

I write for therapy. I write to understand life and myself. Ultimately, I am looking at the world searching for my reflection. As a black woman and a singer – I thought I could identify with these women. They are doing what they love for a living. Does it get any better than this in life? 

So why so serious?                                                    

After sitting through this, I really need a vacation. . . Puerto Rico? Note to self: Stay away from the rain forest. 

The Braxton Family Values – I May Be Losing Faith

As you know, I gave up "The Cable." The sky did not fall just my monthly expenditures.

Aren't I clever? You know the sky falling but my expenditures are . . . nevermind.

Every Friday, I would search my internet for the episodes of Braxton Family Values – the one reality show that I kept on rotation. Then I watched the reunion show hosted by Wendy Williams today.

I am am convinced that reality TV is the devil!

My favorite characters – Trina, Towanda, Traci, Tamar, Miss E and Toni B – are super funny but each chick has a quote or unintelligible word phrase that must be repeated. I get it. It is all a part of branding, but do we all have to be reduced to a, "what you talkin' bout Willis?" statement. Yes, Tamar Braxton actually uses this phrase.

Ugh, why must I be so analytical? Why can't I just enjoy mindless entertainment?

Darn it, I'm educated. I have the bill to prove it. That's why.


I think the Braxton sisters need an intervention – positive energy. We nerds know that without the input of energy things tend toward disorder. This show may be unraveling and I need this show. I can't go back to scripted TV. I just cannot!

How about showcasing what these women are accomplishing now that they have the spotlight? Toni Braxton is still a superstar. Tamar and Vince have a spin-off show. I have got some great ideas for the rest of the cast.

Trina can go on tour. Towanda can take an acting class. Traci can do everybody's hair.  Miss E can hand out bible verses and peppermint candy. Just kidding. Ms. E is superduper fabulous. I love her!

Now how difficult was that WeTv?

On the positive side, the girls looked fabulous and Trina's hair was EVERYTHING to me. *cue Monica singing* After all, this is why I watch. Where else can you see women of color, going to fab parties, wearing the latest fashion, spending exorbitant amounts of money on shoes with red bottoms and hobnobbing with a superstar sister?

I will allow myself to feel intellectually superior to other reality tv junkies who devour lessor quality shows like the Kardashians or Real Housewives of wherever they call women who are not married housewives as I wait patiently for next season to get my full of Braxton Family Values.

Hypocitical much? Don't judge me! lol

Toni Braxton, A Comeback?

Toni Braxton is a favorite artist of mine. I ain’t gonna lie. *fifty-tyson voice*

I watch the WeTv hit, the Braxton Family Values every week – on the internet of course, no cable.

I was perusing the internet and came across a little video of Toni B. dishing on new music to debut next month, I Heart U.

I have to confess my fav Toni Braxton album is Secrets. That album got me through my first heartbreak. So, of course, it is dear to me.

I think future musical success for Toni does not lie in trying to replicate Secrets but in producing great songs like Secrets.

With the right combo of great music and promo, I am certain Ms. Toni Braxton will dominate the charts again.

What say you?

Braxton Family Values – Poor Toni

I love reality TV. These are my confessions. *Cue Usher* My show du jour is Braxton Family Values.

I love how it displays the complexities of the sisterly dynamic in families. I have several sisters, and believe you me, I understand. Sometimes family does not see the evolution of you as an individual, as a woman and as an adult. To them, I am little sister. That, my friend, can complicate things.

I totally get Toni Braxton's point in this clip.

Background: Tamar (Toni's little sister) is married to Vince (Toni's manager). Vince also manages other groups including Lady Gaga. Well, we all know Lady Gaga is doing well but Toni's career has suffered missteps. Toni is tired of mixing family and business. Toni decides to disclose her feelings during a dinner and fireworks follow.

What do you guys think about family and business mixing?

I Am Still Hoping . . .

. . that Lauryn Hill makes a comeback. That I'll lose enough weight to fit into my cute clothes I bought too small on purpose. I still hope that Girlfriends makes a comeback with all of the original cast.

Hope springs eternal.

I hope I can finish my novel. I need an ending. I am waiting on life to provide one for me. Every ending I write seems inauthentic. Should I just commit? IDK.


I am still hoping that I get hired on where I currently work. If that is not God's will, that he will allow me to get the job I am currently interviewing for.

Faith without works is dead.

I hope I get the wish I want that I am keeping to myself for now.

Keep hope alive!

John Legend – Everybody Knows

I was never a big fan of John Legend's music, although I am a fan of his voice. I think it has something to do with the fact that he says a lot of "oh's" in his songs. LOL. Am I petty? Yes, maybe, but he does. LOL

I heard this song online and I fell in love with it. This song made me give Mr. Legend a second listen. He really does make really good music. Oh's, oh and oh's aside.