When It Comes to Weight Loss Advice, I Am Missouri

As you are well aware off, I am on a weight loss journey. I am sharing my experiences with my readers and everyone I know in the hope that it will help inspire others.

One of my pet peeves, however, is the person who always knows a little more than you.

Do you exercise and diet to lose weight? Well, you should diet and exercise if you really want to lose weight.

Get it?

People love to give advice, particularly, unsolicited advice. Everyone has all of the answers. I do get it. I really do. I am partly to blame because I am a little obsessed at this point. In my excitement, I share my journey. I love hearing of new methods, recipes and workouts. . .

. . .however. . .

I will take your advice with a grain of salt until I see some results. Hey, if you were interviewing for a job, you would throw in some examples of how you are driven by results and all that jazz.

Call me Missouri. It is, after all, The Show-Me State.

I have written all of this to say, do not let the unproven advice of others take you off track. Surround yourself with people who are happy for you and will encourage you. . .like me 🙂

Anyway, I am wearing my jeans that had been hanging in my closet – brand new- for two years since we are talking about results and all.

What weight loss milestones have you passed?

4 thoughts on “When It Comes to Weight Loss Advice, I Am Missouri

  1. I had my first weigh in and they number was not phenomenal but I am happy because I did lose and I food met my fitness goals:
    I completed my 15 in 15. (15 hrs of working out in 15 days)
    I have used the myfitnesspal app everyday for 11 days to track my calories and my workouts.
    I’m looking forward to my 30 in 30 and meeting my weight loss goal by the end of September. Slow and steady will win this race for me : )

  2. That’s exactly my motto TB. I am averaging a 1lb or so a week. Sometimes it’s more. I don’t stress about the number . . .anymore :-).
    I use Cardiotrainer app to ensure i am working out every other day at least.
    Slow and steady does win the race my dear.

  3. Hello Talulazoeapple. This is your Twista, @loveallraces, leaving comments. First, I always wish you & others well. I am happy that you’re on your journey to be where you want to be. Ok, I love working out. I’m not on your same journey for weight loss. I have a nice shape & maintained it for a long while now. If someone “solicits” my advice, I completely stay out of it. I give no advice. Now on Twitter, I will rave how important it is to work out & offer advice to maintain peace but face to face, I stay out of people’s business. They alone have to do the work. I know one size doesn’t fit all but I feel most people put too much pressure on themselves telling others what their goals are for working out or weight loss. I feel a silent fire can burn for that person to focus. I feel if people tell others, they get asked too many questions or people talk about it all the time when that person doesn’t want to. People, like myself, can cheer you on & give hugs but stay on the sidelines. My overall motto is telling less brings you no stress or less stress. LOL! Even when the person who is on the journey talks about it too much, they are sometimes leading the negative parade. Well, I don’t know if this helps. I hope it does. Yes, you don’t know me but believe I got love for people. Have a nice day.

  4. Hey Twista:
    You are always free to offer any and all advice – even if unsolicited.
    This article was meant to be tongue-in-cheek but may have come across to serious.
    Anyway, glad you stopped by. Be blessed!

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