The Cycles and Circles of Life – Hakuna Matata

Are we really made of stardust?

I may have been formed from one of the planets or maybe the moon. I do the love the moon. My new place, my balcony only gets a sliver of sky. I have to time it just right to moon watch.

Bummer. . . but my plumbing works. You win some and . . .

I must have descended from an orbiting body spinning in space. I tend to go through the same cycles in life.Work, relationships, school – it does not matter. Every place I am, it seems I have been there before. Maybe it is the circle of life – hakuna matata.

If every new revolution, leaves you in a higher/better place then great but if you are spinning wheels – what then? What does it take to knock a planet out of orbit? A cataclysmic impact of another out of control body – an asteroid?  Um, hope not. I am a breathing, thinking being capable of making choices without outside pressures forcing me one way or the other.

As I type this, I am listening to Dionne Warwick's, " Say A Little Prayer". Prior to moving to Dallas, I went through a serious Dionne and Burt Bacharach stage. Ironic, I would find this song again as my heart contemplates change.

Time.  Do I need to give myself more time to find the right rhythm? The universe found its perfect orbit after many millennia according to man. People of faith, we believe God spoke this into existence. Faith, time or catastrophic impact? What a choice, no?

What to do, what do? . . .I guess, I'll say a little prayer.

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