Weight Loss Confession: I Am A Little Obsessed

I am a little obsessed. . . with myself.

It is about darn time. I have been the one worried about others, placing everyone else's needs ahead of my own. Internalizing, stressing, worring and eating. To understand where I was, I had to stop and look within. I created a vision board and started to visualize the life I wanted and the person I wanted to be. As time passed, I grew to love who I was, who I am and who I am becoming. I may be a little obsessed. To change your life, pursue your dreams and get fit, you kinda have to be.

Looking in the mirror and singing *in my Mariah Carey voice*,"Why you so obsessed with me?"

Had my yearly exam and from this time last year, I am officially down 24 lbs. The doctor scale never lies.*insert happy dance*

I have my benchmark and I am moving foraward. The one thing I have to guard against is complacency. Feeling so good that I skip a workout here or get that dessert. Been there, done that, and probably wrote a blog post on it.

To keep things from becoming mundane, I try to switch up my workouts.I am loving me some Shawn T – the guy of Insanity fame. He has these Dance Party videos. He is having fun but I swear he tries to kill you at least twice. lol My tried an true workout though, is my 3 miles on the trail with my wrist weights.

This is what I do to get to where I want to be. I am happy to be me. This journey that I am on, I hope it inspires you. It is wonderful what a little change will do.

*unintentional rhyming = priceless* lol


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