You Say You Want A Resolution

It is that time again. A new year is upon us. The Mayan apocolypse was a bust. Our planet is still spinning on its axis as God intended. Before it makes another full revolution around the sun, what do I hope to accomplish?

I resolve to live my life in the present. I no longer want to time travel expecting my life to be perfect at some future moment or event. My life is perfect now. I have my health and strength, my mom and family, friends and work. I truly lack nothing.

It is time for me to enjoy it. A friend of mine went to Paris. I have taken french for about 6 years and have dreamed of France. She brought me back some chocolate and an Eiffel Tower key chain. The gift reminded me that is time to make my dreams the reality.

I have completed my book. It is time to edit that bad boy and get it published.

I am leaving all crushes in the past. Remember my Confessions of a Serial Crusher. That teenage stuff is for the birds. My 2013 in based in reality – waking up.

I am realistically controlling the food I put in my mouth and the exercise of my body.

I am being honest about my feelings regardless of the response.

I am making money at every opportunity. No risk, no reward.

I am defining and enforcing all boundaries.

I will wear a red dress at least once a month AND some signature red lipstick.

I am going to chill and just be.

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2 thoughts on “You Say You Want A Resolution

  1. I’m saying ‘yes’ to saying ‘no’ more often. Does that make sense? LOL! It’s high time for me to focus on me first for a little bit of the year. Not every single day, but mama can’t look like trash while her kids look fantastic. Those days are too many to count. From here on out, we’ll ALL look cute. It’s required.

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