2016 Was Not So Bad Regardless of What Facebook Says

2016 has been a trying year for all. There have been disappointments, deaths, and disasters. Not to mention the rise of the Donald. Social media posts show heartbreak over celebrity deaths. Someone has created a GoFundMe account to protect Betty White. Many people are eager to see 2016 go in hopes of a better 2017.

If you really think about it, there have also been joys, births, and good times. Isn’t every year a mix of triumphs and disappointments? It is called life. We as humans increment the vastness of time into yearly increments. Perhaps it gives us some sense of control over the uncontrollable. The truth is – bad stuff happens and so does good stuff. Your happiness cannot hinge on the nature of what is happening around you.

I have been cooking lately. Well, learning to cook. Yesterday, I decided to do it big. The meal planned – fried pork chops, mashed potatoes from scratch, and roasted garlic asparagus. I prepared by reading highly rated recipes. I watched how-to videos on Youtube. I was PREPARED. Armed with ingredients, knowledge, and determination – I was ready. I started cooking. Everything seemed to be going great. Food looked good, smelled even better. After much sweat, I was finally finished. I fixed my plate. It looked good enough for Instagram. I cut into the perfectly browned pork chop. It was too salty. I felt the wind escape from my sails. I was not only cooking for myself but for my boyfriend, too. I was near tears. My friend said that is was okay. He stated that the only way to learn is to try. I began to feel less terrible.

That is my 2016 in a nutshell. It started with great aspirations. I even had a plan, a vision board even. I tried my best and still some things failed – relationships, promotion attempts, finishing my second book, weight loss. It was like those Facebook videos you watch of someone taking off in a race and then some invisible leg extends in front of them and they trip and fall. It feels like the fall is so hard because the person running was moving ahead at full-speed expecting to finish first.

I had started writing a great story based on my childhood adventures – over 10,000 words. I had written some wonderful poetry almost 30 pages worth. I went to Texas for a work conference and lost my thumb drive. Talk about tripping over an invisible leg. Man, I was hurt. Thankfully, the 10,000 words had been backed-up on the cloud. The poetry only exists in my head and heart.

I am ready to start again.

If you have been graced with another day of life, you have another chance to get it right. Some failures require some hard work. Others require some downtime for healing. No matter how comfortable, resist the urge to stay here. This place is meant to be temporary. You have to get up and keep running.

2017 is what you make of it. Start again. Be enthusiastic again. If you should fall, get back up and continue.

You Say You Want A Resolution

It is that time again. A new year is upon us. The Mayan apocolypse was a bust. Our planet is still spinning on its axis as God intended. Before it makes another full revolution around the sun, what do I hope to accomplish?

I resolve to live my life in the present. I no longer want to time travel expecting my life to be perfect at some future moment or event. My life is perfect now. I have my health and strength, my mom and family, friends and work. I truly lack nothing.

It is time for me to enjoy it. A friend of mine went to Paris. I have taken french for about 6 years and have dreamed of France. She brought me back some chocolate and an Eiffel Tower key chain. The gift reminded me that is time to make my dreams the reality.

I have completed my book. It is time to edit that bad boy and get it published.

I am leaving all crushes in the past. Remember my Confessions of a Serial Crusher. That teenage stuff is for the birds. My 2013 in based in reality – waking up.

I am realistically controlling the food I put in my mouth and the exercise of my body.

I am being honest about my feelings regardless of the response.

I am making money at every opportunity. No risk, no reward.

I am defining and enforcing all boundaries.

I will wear a red dress at least once a month AND some signature red lipstick.

I am going to chill and just be.

What about you? Please leave a comment or tweet me or Facebook me.