Happy New Year – Praise Party Edition

Brought in the New Year with my church family. I have been attending for about six months. It was super fun.

I know it's weird to think of a church service as fun but let me explain. The church I attend is a mixture of cutlures. The pastor and first family are of Ghanaian descent. My background is Church of God in Christ. As part of COGIC tradition, we would have a watch night service on New Year's Eve. It was basically a church service but nearing 12 o'clock everyone would get on their knees and pray in the New Year. At my church now, we PRAISED in the New Year! Totally different.

Before I knew of the service at my current church, I contemplated going to some secular event. I thought, you are always in church at least if you go out you may meet someone. That devil sure is sneaky. I get to choir rehearsal last week and learn that we were going to be required to sing for the New Year's Eve service. I thought, there goes my bold plan.

I truly danced harder than I ever have at a party. It was joyous and everyone was excited, like really hyped for Jesus. It was clearly the better plan.

As I was leaving, a woman from the church hugged me and spoke a prophetic word in my ear. God's plan is best, or something like that. Such confirmation cannot be found at a club.

God's plan is best. His timing is perfect. I look forward to the unfolding of that plan in 2013. Please believe I will be blogging these miracles as they occur.

Happy 2013 readers.

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