Are There Any Nice Guys Left?

I met a woman on Sunday who said she met her husband at a singles' ministry at church. This is the second woman from that church, my church, that has told me this. The problem? The singles' ministry is not that active anymore.

Anyway. I was feeling bored and lonley this weekend so when The Kid 2.0 called to see if we could "hang out" I said cool. Afterall, we had had a discussion that I thought cleared the air and made him understand that we were clearly on friends-only territory.

Secondly, I thought what's so wrong with hanging out watching movies with a FRIEND?

*inside my own head* Why are you so naive?

So long story, less long, The Kid 2.0 comes over and everything is chill for hour number 1. I am sitting on my chair and he is on the love seat. Then The Kid 2.0 says, "Why are you so distant? You can sit by me."

Do you see where this is heading? I did but I kept thinking, self, don't jump to conclusions.

It went from me sitting next to him, to him with his hand on my thigh, to him inching his hand higher, to me pushing his hand away, to him trying to kiss me, to me stopping him and saying. "Stop, this is just too much too fast. "

He says, "I understand."

He did not. Back with the hand action. I got so frustrated, I couldn't finish watching Black Girls Rock.

I just stated that I had to get ready for my first day at work.

He got up and left.

This is the first time we actually spend one-on-time together – no date, no dinner. You have not done ANYTHING to expect any type of action. I am too old for this. I had no idea that guys still tried that high school crap. Ugh!

Are there any nice guys left?

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