Pilar Sanders, Porsha Stewart and Pretty Princesses Everywhere

I am Four Weddings watching David Tutera fanatic. I love corny 80s love songs. *hums Lionel Richie's Hello* lol. Although, single, I love, love. I want to see couple, especially fabulous ones, succeed.

 It always bums me out when people who seemed so happy divorce. Pilar and Deion Sanders; Porsha and Kordell Stewart.

It amazes me the capacity of men, who deem themselves good, Christian men, to hurt. These type of men demand obeisance and any spark of personality, or dreams outside of HIM and he will spare nothing to leave you high and dry.

I don't know Pilar or Porsha (or their husbands), but I loved the idea of them. I liked the idea of the sista being treated like a pampered princess for once. Then royalty discovered reality. . .shows that is. It became evident that these type of men are threatened by the humanity of their princesses. When they cease to behave like objects, they are dismissed.


But enough of celebrities. Truth is I don't know them and everything I just wrote is pure speculation derived from an edited television show.  What about a girl like you, a friend or even me?

 I know women, who marry grown kids. They essentially have to be the most responsible person in their relationship. If they are luck, their child-man holds down a steady job and only plays with his friends on weekends.

Harsh? Maybe.

In Zora Neale Hurston's novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God, the grandmother 'Nanny' has been a slave and her heart's desire was to see her grandchild up on a pedestal, free from the hard labors of life. She arranges a marriage to a land-owning older man for Janie, her granddaughter. Nanny laments, "De (colored) woman is de mule uh de world so fur as Ah can see."

The black woman is *insert stereotypical adjective here*. Most would say strong. She can do what no other woman can. But can she? Can she be . . .carefree.

I understand that princesses are the stuff of fairy tale fantasies. Life is about working hard for and being grateful for all that you have. Michelle Obama is the epitome of this – smart, successful, wife and strong. Mrs. Obama is a hero of mine but so are my pretty princesses.

In all  honesty, and on my blog I MUST be honest, I would love a man to take charge of the heavy lifting and let me be dainty. I could finally grown my nails out lol.Until that magical moment, I stay on my grind.

Am I alone?




The Myth of the Angry Black Woman – Image is Everything

I ran across this video over at Women of High Standard. In the clip First Lady Michelle Obama briefly addresses the "angry black woman," image that opponents  have tried to portray her as.

Any image of FLOTUS Michelle Obama that I see, she is always poised and professional. What has she done that could be described as "angry."

I think images are powerful and one reason I had to stop watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta.



Why is it in the age of Michelle Obama, the country has seemed to rally around the RHOA breakout start, Nene Leakes?

I think it is unfair to point out Leakes as a representative of all black women but, again, images are powerful.

Nene Leakes' character on the show is the  angry black woman stereotype and to a smaller degree so is Sheree Whitfield's on air persona. I say "on air persona" and "character" because reality tv is not, in fact, real. Who in real life has producers prompting drama and cameras filming their every move?

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Does Skin Complexion Matter That Much?

I hate issues of dark-skinned versus light-skinned but recent events have sparked this post.

Someone on Twitter posted that Jennifer Hudson was cast to play Winnie Mandela in a new biopic. The response by @Olwee:



Winnie's was never that fat or dark! RT @KhanyaMkangisa: Jennifer Hudson to play Winnie Mandela. Nxa What are your thoughts on that?

Really? The first thing you can think of when it comes to Winnie Mandela is her complexion? Really? Not the fight against apartheid? Not the fight for her husband's freedom? Her complexion?

Yeah and this comes from a sista  gay guy who, you guessed it, is the complexion of Jennifer Hudson.


In other unrelated skin complexion news. . . a woman (Caucasian) called me light-skinned for the second day in a row.

Really? When did ya'll start using that term? LOL

It was kinda weird cause I am not really "light-skinned"; maybe Barack Obama's complexion. She first said it when trying to describe a guy who she knows who works at the gym I attend. Which is fine, I guess, but she then contrasts it with a woman who had come in earlier for an interview who she described as, "DARK!" She really emphasized dark.

Okay, today she states it again in contrast to an African lady that works there whom she does not like. She said it like she was relieved I was not THAT DARK.


Am I trippin' or does this all seem odd to you too?

Yes, Another Michelle Obama Post

I can't help it, she inspires me.

First Lady O is on the cover of People Magazine looking amazing. Take note Annie Liebowitz.  

In the article, First Lady O states that she and her husband workout every single day. And so must I.

So, I set out today for my walk/jog and I realized I had reached a milestone. I actually jogged an entire block without stopping or getting winded. Don't laugh. It's really a milestone for someone who thought jogging was an impossibility.

I must admit I had slacked off on working out but I have been eating fairly well. I recently put on a skirt I had hanging in my closet that had not fit for months. I barely got it on. A week later, I reached for it and it fit with ease.

So feeling particularly daring, I hopped on the scale when I got home. I had not lost a pound but considering I had not exercised, I thought that was pretty good. It means I have not gained a pound.

My mentor Michelle exercises everyday and so will I. I will update my progress next week.

**sidenote** To answer criticism that she has not worn a black designer (I'm guessing), the dress Michelle is sporting is by Tracy Reese, an African American.


Look at her freaking arms!

Vogue Disappoints Again – Michelle Obama

As you all know, I STANS for Michelle Obama. This Annie Liebowitz character just cannot or will not photograph us well. Consider the following:


The dress is amazing but where is the pizazz, the glamor factor? Ugh!


Whoopi in milk, I guess. This is just nightmarish.


You know about the whole "King Kong" controversy, right?


Jennifer with her mouth open and all of those huge ads all over her, yuck!

Well, you get my drift. Am I being overly sensitive? Or does Annie need to step her game up?

Barack Obama’s Check Please! Appearance

OMG. I miss Chicago sometimes. I ran across this video of Barack Obama on my favorite PBS shows Check Please!

On the show three regular people from Chicago feature their favorite restaurant. The other two then visit and critique that person’s choice. You end up with an honest review of some of the best hidden spots to eat in the Chi.

This episode was shelved because apparently Barack was too good to air as an amateur. Go figure.

My then manager wanted to go on as a reviewer but there was a year long wait list.