Yes, Another Michelle Obama Post

I can't help it, she inspires me.

First Lady O is on the cover of People Magazine looking amazing. Take note Annie Liebowitz.  

In the article, First Lady O states that she and her husband workout every single day. And so must I.

So, I set out today for my walk/jog and I realized I had reached a milestone. I actually jogged an entire block without stopping or getting winded. Don't laugh. It's really a milestone for someone who thought jogging was an impossibility.

I must admit I had slacked off on working out but I have been eating fairly well. I recently put on a skirt I had hanging in my closet that had not fit for months. I barely got it on. A week later, I reached for it and it fit with ease.

So feeling particularly daring, I hopped on the scale when I got home. I had not lost a pound but considering I had not exercised, I thought that was pretty good. It means I have not gained a pound.

My mentor Michelle exercises everyday and so will I. I will update my progress next week.

**sidenote** To answer criticism that she has not worn a black designer (I'm guessing), the dress Michelle is sporting is by Tracy Reese, an African American.


Look at her freaking arms!

10 thoughts on “Yes, Another Michelle Obama Post

  1. Taula,
    I really liked the Vouge photo better. I don’t know I think this one is more Hollywood while the Vouge pic was more sublte and expressed her overall beauty better. I know that sounded really cheesy just now but I don’t like this pic as well.

  2. I LOVE this pic of her! Her hair is cute. The dress is cute. And yes, her arms are gorgeous! I’m trying to gain some weight. I know, I know…. Sounds ridiculous. But in the end, I want my arms to look like that!

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