Vogue Disappoints Again – Michelle Obama

As you all know, I STANS for Michelle Obama. This Annie Liebowitz character just cannot or will not photograph us well. Consider the following:


The dress is amazing but where is the pizazz, the glamor factor? Ugh!


Whoopi in milk, I guess. This is just nightmarish.


You know about the whole "King Kong" controversy, right?


Jennifer with her mouth open and all of those huge ads all over her, yuck!

Well, you get my drift. Am I being overly sensitive? Or does Annie need to step her game up?

8 thoughts on “Vogue Disappoints Again – Michelle Obama

  1. That’s actually a VERY flattering photo of Michelle so I don’t get you on that one. Now I HATED the King Kong cover and was never a fan of Whoopi anyway. I do kinda dig that Jennifer Hudson photo as well.

  2. Taula, I am with Stan. The photo of Michelle is simple and chic as far as the ads over J-Hud I think that was the editor choice and not so much of the photographer. I say clips of the photos from the magazine and Michelle was wonderfully photographed throughout the 8 page spread.

  3. Kristin,
    I loved the other photos that I have seen of the inside spread but I expect a wow factor for the cover. She does have the best shape of any first lady in history. She can wear anything and it looks good on her.

  4. Well, the way the photo of Mrs. Obama was hyped, I have o say I was expecting more than what I saw. That doesn’t mean it’s lousy, though.

  5. I don’t think we will ever see a picture of the first lady, or family all glammed up. From all of the photos that I have seen they are down to earth.
    I watched the interview from one of the editors of Vogue, and he said “the First Lady wanted to wear what she had in her closet, she did not want to have anyone brought in”
    All of the interviews with people inside the First Family Circle; comment on how non over the top or “elitest” the First Family wants to portray.

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