Does Skin Complexion Matter That Much?

I hate issues of dark-skinned versus light-skinned but recent events have sparked this post.

Someone on Twitter posted that Jennifer Hudson was cast to play Winnie Mandela in a new biopic. The response by @Olwee:



Winnie's was never that fat or dark! RT @KhanyaMkangisa: Jennifer Hudson to play Winnie Mandela. Nxa What are your thoughts on that?

Really? The first thing you can think of when it comes to Winnie Mandela is her complexion? Really? Not the fight against apartheid? Not the fight for her husband's freedom? Her complexion?

Yeah and this comes from a sista  gay guy who, you guessed it, is the complexion of Jennifer Hudson.


In other unrelated skin complexion news. . . a woman (Caucasian) called me light-skinned for the second day in a row.

Really? When did ya'll start using that term? LOL

It was kinda weird cause I am not really "light-skinned"; maybe Barack Obama's complexion. She first said it when trying to describe a guy who she knows who works at the gym I attend. Which is fine, I guess, but she then contrasts it with a woman who had come in earlier for an interview who she described as, "DARK!" She really emphasized dark.

Okay, today she states it again in contrast to an African lady that works there whom she does not like. She said it like she was relieved I was not THAT DARK.


Am I trippin' or does this all seem odd to you too?

2 thoughts on “Does Skin Complexion Matter That Much?

  1. I hate the light/dark debate it’s stupid and leads to nowhere. The Caucasian lady was out of order the light/dark debate is something akin to a family squabble and I DON’T believe other people should involve themselves in family business.

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