Barack Obama’s Check Please! Appearance

OMG. I miss Chicago sometimes. I ran across this video of Barack Obama on my favorite PBS shows Check Please!

On the show three regular people from Chicago feature their favorite restaurant. The other two then visit and critique that person’s choice. You end up with an honest review of some of the best hidden spots to eat in the Chi.

This episode was shelved because apparently Barack was too good to air as an amateur. Go figure.

My then manager wanted to go on as a reviewer but there was a year long wait list.

4 thoughts on “Barack Obama’s Check Please! Appearance

  1. My wife has family in Chi Town. Several years back, we went to visit. I love the Chicago deep dish pizza and the hot dogs. I also loved the Chicago-garage House Music.


  2. Over Christmas, I indulged in a Portillos Italian beef. I felt so guilty and good all at the same time. Texas food is lacking in depth and versatility.. Anyhoo, that was the one thing I indulged in. No hotdogs or deep dish pizza this time around.


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