The Abs Challenge Has Help Me Find Me Again

I am one week into the Abs Challenge. I feel (and look) so much better I want to keep restarting it. My friend has joined me and her friends have joined her and this thing is taking off.

Back in the day, I would always wear dresses. I felt they complimented my figure. I also felt like wearing dresses was chic and lady-like. (I still do.) Dresses always made me feel beautiful. As my dress size grew, I looked less like an hour-glass and more like a tent. I started to feel less and less beautiful. Then the less beautiful I felt, the less beautiful I dressed. *insert sad face*

I am just keeping it real.

I saw this Oprah episode where this woman was facing a lot of health issues and had gained a lot of weight. She had legitimate reasons as to why her weight was difficult to manage but Oprah did not give her a pass. She looked her square in the eye and said YOU have to take control of your health. She said the words to the guest but they rang in my ears.

I had to take CONTROL. *Cue Janet Jackson*

I am wearing a cute baby doll dress today. Someone says, "Oh don't you look precious.' Not exactly what I was going for but hey, I will take that as a compliment.Someone else saw a photo of me and said that I reminded them of Vivica Fox. I have never been told that before but I will take that, too.

This Abs Challenge is really making a difference. It is helping get back to me – the fine, confident me. My core feels stronger. I feel stronger. My legs look more defined. I am glad have friends on the journey, too. Nothing like support to give you that extra bit of motivation.

I walked past the full-length bathroom mirror and did a double-take. I am not where I want to be . . .yet but I am making progress. I looked at myself and transition and thought, I just have to accept the fact that I am cute. There I said it! *insert smiley face*



2 thoughts on “The Abs Challenge Has Help Me Find Me Again

  1. For whatever reason my phone wouldn’t let me comment. Done with Day 9 of the Ab Challenge…..on to Day 10 Today !!!
    I don’t have a 6, 4 or 2 pack…maybe when I get done I will at least be stronger in my core…I am going to go a 2nd and maybe a third round…..Mind over matter and a ton of sweat will get me there.
    Also have worn more dresses and skirts this spring and summer than I have worn in the past 10 years. Thanks to consistently working out….my thighs aren’t rubbing together….
    Not where I want to be yet but I am stronger and more determined for sure.
    Love Ya Girlie,
    Keep Up The Good Work

  2. Thanks Chica! I am glad you are in it with me. This is a journey that gets hard but we can do it. That’s why I love the Abs Challenge. Its progressive with an end/goal that is attainable. Its then easy to restart it.
    So you wearing dresses. Sashay Chante! lol

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