Abs, Thighs and Apple Pies

I am over a week in on the abs challenge. To be specific, I did 30 crunches, 30 leg raises and a 30 second plank. . .in stages. Hey, but I did do them!

In between, my niece complaining about having to wash dishes prior to placing them in the dishwasher AND learning that dish washing liquid DOES NOT go in the dishwasher, my diet has suffered. I can get by on oatmeal, Kefir and fruit and a sensible dinner. She wants me to actually cook. How they cook back home includes meat as the main dish.The delicate balance between being the cool aunt and responsiblity – I have yet to find it.

Needless to say, I have been undermining my workout efforts. I have had chips and ice cream. . .ICE CREAM!All I could think about after dinner was pie – apple pie to be specific lol. I am planning on putting up before and after pics in 7 months so 'ain't nobody got time for that!'

Focus, grasshopper!

I need to get back to planning. Oatmeal for breakfast and no senseless snacking. Snacking is so easy to do with kids around.

One good thing is that I have been keeping up with my workouts although my niece HATES the trail. That is one thing I insist upon.

Assess and readjust. I must get my workout on and my flyness back. I felt pretty awesome putting on some capris that had been in my closet for years because they could not get past my thighs. I felt so cute I even threw on a pair of heels.

'Cause I'm fly like that!

2 thoughts on “Abs, Thighs and Apple Pies

  1. I’m sure you two will come to a happy medium. At least you are able to expose her to something that will be helpful later on in her life. It can be difficult to get someone to eat oatmeal later on in life and not have meat with every meal. LOL! Enjoy.


  2. lol. That’s those southern roots. Meat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She will try new stuff so this summer will be a journey for both of us!
    Thanks for visiting the site and commenting!
    Come again! 🙂


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