Learning to Be Selfish

I have been dreaming lately about publishing my book. They have been becoming more intense. I know you are probably thinking how can you have an intense dream about book publishing? I will tell you! I dreamed the voice of God was telling me to just do it.

Yes God speaks in Nike slogans.

I am so good at encouraging others but allow myself to be placed in the back burner. God almighty had to visit me in my dreams to say, 'Just do it!'

I am half-way through an abs challenge that I and a group of friends are embarking on. I am already stronger and look better. If exercise can have physical visible results what about an exercise of the spirit. I am notorious for putting the needs of others ahead of myself. I end up getting my feelings hurt when the favor is not returned. I have been trying something new – putting my needs first.

Which brings me back to my book. I have to cut all extra curricular activities, volunteering, and generally making other people's dreams come true. My central focus is my book. I even have a release date – January 17th. This is ironically, the month of my fitness goal.

A new year, a new book and a new body. Sounds like a plan.



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