Working Out: Listening to My Body

There is a delicate balance to be found in pushing yourself past your limit and working out safely. The process of building muscle begins with trauma to the muscle fibers. These muscle fibers actually tear sending signals to the body to repair itself. The repairing of these fibers result in muscle building. So, what is an acceptable level of trauma? Strange question, eh?

The answer is to not damage the muscles.

I started power walking for 3 miles on my trail. I would usually jog this trail for about 20-30 minutes which works out to a little over a mile. I want to do a 5k (3 miles) soon so I decided to push my limit. Half of the trail is on the incline and half is on the decline. I am walking feeling great with the wind in my hair. Come mile 2 I feel it. I feel my muscles working, not pain, slight discomfort. Mile 3 was the stretch. It took extra focus and determination to finish that last mile. I had found my limit.

I listened to my body at mile two and made my body listen to me to get through mile three.

What limits have you surpassed in your working out?

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