The Daniel Fast – Results Update

Tomorrow will be 21 days of the Daniel Fast. In the interest of full disclosure, I was strictly began for 7 days (my previous record). I fell off into Chic Fil E on Day 8 and got back on the wagon day 9.

While on the fast, I initially felt totally energetic. After 7 days, I was noticeably lethargic. I did this fast with a co-worker who reported feeling similar. In retrospect, I think we were not eating enough protein.


I have found that with preparation this diet is feasible. There are a lot of great dishes that can be prepared vegan. God bless the avocado. Whenever I felt as if I was not getting enough to eat, I would add an avocado and felt satisfied.

I have also learned that health is about choices. We all get hungry but how we choose to satisfy that hunger is a choice. Granted, depending on where you live, your options may be limited. There is always the option to start a garden. Even one on your balcony.

The initial cravings for sugar and salty snacks dissipates after a few days. When you are not consuming overly salted and sweetened foods, your taste buds become more keen. A Fuji Apple and scoop of peanut butter is the best midday snack.

You are also forced to read labels and search out options that are not chemically laden. I found these 100 calorie whole grain wraps that have a good flavor and no sugar added. This item is a keeper. I think now I will try to have 2 vegan meals a day and a lean protein at night. I feel too good about my results to go back to my old way of eating.

To date, I am down 10lbs.

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