Christian Friends and Accountability – Act I

I am learning that we as Christians need Christian friends to encourage us and hold us accountable – in the love of God!

As you all know, I moved to Dallas and away from my family. My mom is saved. We went to the same church that my extended family and some neighbors attended. It was easy to be in the presence of someone who would encourage you and hold you accountable even if they were just a bit too nosy. lol

Here in Dallas – the home of the mega church – it is so easy to get lost in the shuffle. No one knows if you are there or not. No one calls just to say that they are praying for you. When you are used to that type of connection, being without it is quite palpable.


God has placed a few people in my life that I can talk to about how I am feeling, why I feel that way and we laugh, pray for and encourage one another.

I think it is a grave mistake for Christians to go it alone. You are too susceptible to the enemy who as a roaring lion goes about seeking someone to devour. (1 Peter 5:8) If you constantly hang around your non-spiritually minded friends, they cannot hold you accountable and sometimes even want you to fall. It is not that they dislike you but your following after God's example convicts them of their own lifestyles. I hear all of the time how a Christiam will have a friend who will encourage her to do whatever and that whatever is contrary to the will of God. A godly friend will ecourage you to fast, pray and do what is right. The Bible discusses how if two are walking and one falls into a ditch, then the other can help him out of it. (Ecclesiastes 4:10)

In a comedy duo, there is a such thing as a straight man and the funny man. The straight man sets up the joke and the funny man delivers the comedy, usually at the straight man's expense. The enemy is no laughing matter but he is still playing alternate roles. Watching or encouraging the setup and delighting in the delivery – or fall. Ask yourself, when you fall what is the setup? Do not be the stooge in the devil's play. Trust me there is always a setup.

The setup is a process that begins with isolation. Upsets, disappointments and betrayals, especially in the church, are designed to get you fed up and away from your source. Without that Source – energy, light, Christ – you will become weakened and more susceptible to the attacks of the enemy.

If you are desiring to be celibate and you fall into fornication, there was a setup. Maybe you did not go to bible study with your Christian friend but allowed the straight man to come over and watch movies. You already know that he is not saved and that you have been away from your Source for a while. He comes over and suffice it to say stuff happens. Even after you fall, you tell your Christian and non-Christian friend. Compare the reactions of both. Your secular friend will cheer you on and your godly friend will pray with you and encourage you to get in the Word of God, fast and pray, and not let the enemy make a fool of you. That is a true friend!

Are you surprised by this act's end? When you entertain the devil, it always ends the same way. If you want to be strong in God and live a strong Christian life. Surround yourself with like-minded Christians and leave the jokers on stage.


3 thoughts on “Christian Friends and Accountability – Act I

  1. i like this; and i like the double analogy of the straight man.
    you make an excellent point about what happens after you sin and who your true friends are by their response. alot of people dont want true friends – they want folks that condone their activities regardless of the consequences.

  2. Hi Nylse:
    Welcome to the Talulazoeapple! Your friends can be your best asset or worst detriment if you do not recognize their true purpose in your life. I believe the bible says that iron sharpeneth iron.

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