The Daniel Fast Detoxes More Than Just Your Body

I and a co-worker started the Daniel Fast- (again)<–Click Here- on Tuesday of this week. For those of you unfamiliar with the fast, it is an eating plan that is primarily vegan plus no sweeteners or leavened bread. Its origins are in the book of Daniel (Daniel 1:8-14).<–Read more here. I started this fast for a combination of reasons – spiritual, weight loss, detox, etc. Plus I need more discipline in my life. Today is day 5 and eating vegan is becoming routine.

Since starting this fast, I sleep better. Acid reflux was ruining my quality of life by affecting my sleeping pattern and mood. Acid reflux was also causing upper respiratory issues. After just 5 days, I totally feel a difference. There is nothing like a good night's sleep.

Plus I am cooking! I made vegan collard greens and they were good. I made my own salad dressing today after being inspired by a friend who made salad dressing for me. She wanted to encourage me on this fast. (Wasn't that the sweetest thing?) I look forward to coming up with new creations. 

I am down like 7 lbs. I feel less bloated. My clothes are fitting beautifully.

Now, I am not going to lie. The first day was a breeze but day 3 was HARD!!!! That is why it helps to have someone else do it with you. Me and my coworker keep each other motivated and lifted up. It can get expensive eating fresh fruits and veggies. Planning ahead is key. I started going to fruit and vegetable markets and stocking up on brown rice, beans, onions and garlic. Having a slowcooker and rice cooker helps.

Prayer is the another component of this fast. I have been praying with more clarity. I have a few big decisions to make in my life and need God's guidance. I want to stay in His will. Prayer and fasting is the best way I know to get closer to God and to hear His voice clearly. 

I plan on transitioning to a clean way of eating. That just means eating as close to nature as possible, cooking my own meals, and resisting the urge to snack. Pray for me 🙂

Sixteen more days to go.

4 thoughts on “The Daniel Fast Detoxes More Than Just Your Body

  1. I did the daniel fast. I didn’t last longer than a week though. But I felt the difference. The changes were drastic, in a positive way. I had more energy and I just felt healthier overall. It can get expensive and it definitely helps to have someone do it with you. I did it alone. 🙁 Maybe I’ll try again with someone who can hold me accountable.

  2. Hey girl,
    It makes a world of difference to have someone hold u accountable. We keep each other from falling off the ledge into a bag of doritos lol. I have lost over 10lbs so far. I feel the difference. I dont get acid reflux at night. That alone is worth it.

  3. Keep up the good work. I exercised for the first time in 6 months since the foot injury. Did a yoga class and flirty girl fitness in one morning. I am sore as heck today but after a couple hours of work I will take a long walk outside in this beautiful 90 degree weather and get my sweat on. I miss sweating.

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