Wisdom Via Shemar Moore and Criminal Minds

The old not having cable has caused me to develop a liking for a show called Criminal Minds starring Shemar Moore. On last night's episode, Mr. Moore's character uttered a bit of truth that rang resounding in my mind – behavior never lies!

I get so disappointed sometimes when people do not live up to what they say or who they claim to be. If I am honest with myself, I already knew most of that. I know you are probably thinking what are you talking about? For instance, if someone says they are going to do something and does not (on a consistent basis), it is because they do not want to. Long story less long, people make time for what is important to them. Their behavior will reveal the truth always. Point. Blank. Period.


The moral of this post is that sometimes the Lord will use a super-fine hunk of a man to impart some sage wisdom into your life.

I hear you Shemar!

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