I Bought A Wig and Named It Carmen

I am a natural girl. I AM a natural girl. I AM A NATURAL GIRL. . .but I have a confession to make. On Saturday night, I wore a wig out to an event. I am talking a big, bouncy curly Beyonce-esque wig.


Granted it was a pretty benign event. Not a real opportunity to whip my hair back and forth but I did get a wobble, wobble in.

Before the big wig event, I took my wig on a trial run. I wore it to work on Friday. I got some pretty good feedback and boost of confidence.

Christian dance

 It is a little peculiar how changing one aspect of your appearance can affect the totality of your look. I swear that hair took fifteen pounds off.

My new hair is a keeper. The hair gave me a pass to be a newer me.  In return,  I named it Carmen.


4 thoughts on “I Bought A Wig and Named It Carmen

  1. Well aren’t you sassy. After I went and wacked my hair off I tried a wig, I would take it off at work and freak people out. It was hot.
    Whip your hair honey but don’t act like me get you a little fan.

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