Braxton Family Values – Poor Toni

I love reality TV. These are my confessions. *Cue Usher* My show du jour is Braxton Family Values.

I love how it displays the complexities of the sisterly dynamic in families. I have several sisters, and believe you me, I understand. Sometimes family does not see the evolution of you as an individual, as a woman and as an adult. To them, I am little sister. That, my friend, can complicate things.

I totally get Toni Braxton's point in this clip.

Background: Tamar (Toni's little sister) is married to Vince (Toni's manager). Vince also manages other groups including Lady Gaga. Well, we all know Lady Gaga is doing well but Toni's career has suffered missteps. Toni is tired of mixing family and business. Toni decides to disclose her feelings during a dinner and fireworks follow.

What do you guys think about family and business mixing?

6 thoughts on “Braxton Family Values – Poor Toni

  1. I can’t wait to see the show. I love it as well. I’m not ashamed that I am reality tv addict. Favor Flav aka Foffy Foffy and Bridjet Nelson sealed the deal. I have a host of younger brothers so there is really no drama. I’m the oldest so they will chime in here and there. I appreciate it when they do. Love family but family and business/money can be a very rocky road.


  2. Yeah. I, too, watched Strange Love with a weird fascination. I couldn’t get if Bridgitte was sincere or not. Flavor Fav has had a lot of women and baby momma’s. So he must have sme kinda appeal, no?


  3. He use to be famous back in the day. So the would explain the ones in his past. Today I don’t no…..Maybe he begs good?
    Maybe he gets them by begging? Some things we just can’t explaing. Maybe how he gets woman is one of them.


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