On To The Next One – Career That Is

My last day at work is tomorrow. I am looking forward to the next page in my book of life.

I have a few prospects but faith is my concrete hope.

The people at work are planning two celebrations – a work one and an after work dinner.

We shall see what happens.

*Side-note* I have forgiven "The Kid". On the grand scale of friendship the incident was not a deal breaker but it does give me pause. I can also acknowledge my own flaw in the situation. I judge people's motives for their behavior based on past experiences instead of giving each new person a fair chance. So this is his fair chance. Besides, I drop people too easily in the past. I think this is a friend worth keeping.

*Extra Sidenote* The new girl at work says that I never pay her compliments. Que? Are we dating? lol

She said this as part of a conversation about black women working together and being jealous of one another. She claims she is so not like that. Me thinks thou does protest too much! lol

I hope I don't get emotional tomorrow. The hugs, kisses and goodbyes have already started.

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