So I Finally Got Asked To Dinner. . .

. . .by the wrong guy! lol

Thursday was the last day of my internship. My manager planned this celebration. There was cake and snacks. A lot of people came down to say goodbye.

Soooo my manager starts telling all of the delivery guys throughout the day that it was my last day. This one in particular, I have always known he has liked me. The first day he started work he just stared at me without saying a word. I had a one word. . .creepy! lol


So, gradually he started making small talk. Well long story short, my manager comes into the party and says. "The UPS guy wants to see you before you leave, oh he wants cake." She then hands me a plate of cake and snacks.

So I go back to my desk, he is all like, "You should let me take you to dinner." Blah, blah, blah.

So I say, "Um, that would be ok." I mean what else could I say.

I know you, my frequent readers, are asking, "What's the problem?"

He is kinda cute. He just seems like a neighborhood guy. Those of you who grew up in the hood may know what I mean.

I know I suck. I'm contradictory.  I may as well go buy a couple of cats. It's just that I had a vision of who would ask me out and this wasn't the guy.

He gave his number. So I ask you – should I call?

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