While I Was Absent. . .

. . .some exciting things have happened.

My mom got married!!!!! I flew to Chicago, was her maid of honor, and sang at the wedding!!!

God is good.

Everything was so perfect. My mom was simply radiant. I don't think I have ever seen her that happy.

I have a few weeks left at my internship. Until then, I am actively seeking employment.

No new developments in the love life (or lack thereof), but I'm chilling.

What's been up with you guys?

4 thoughts on “While I Was Absent. . .

  1. Wow, your mom was the beautiful bride huh? I bet that was fun. I didn’t know you had vocals girl. I know you hold back alot heffa. Good Luck with the internship and all,oh and the whole love thing.

  2. I’m happy for your mom, her husband, and for you. I wish I could’ve heard you sing. Tell me what you think about this: as I had mentioned, last month, on the 28th, me and my wife celebrated 28 years of marriage. We’re already thinking about when we hit 30 years. Our plan is to go on a boat cruise for that anniversary and have the captain of the cruise ship marry us again. I know that you and all the ladies who post here will love that. Women love romance.
    Remember how I told you about this nice of mine and how she wanted $200 from me to help pay for some clothes for her kids? Well, early one morning she woke up to the sound of a tow truck in her drive way; her car was being foreclosed on and was being towed away.

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