My How Time Flys When Your Single

I will NOT disclose my age but as a point of reference I saw Waiting To Exhale in high school. I remember thinking to myself, "God don't let me end up like these women – 30, single and desperate."

Fast forward to now, I am watching Let's Talk About Pep, I am thinking, "God' don't let me end up like these women – late 30s, single, and desperate." lol

Where has the time gone? Who told me that I had to reach my goals before finding love? Where did I learn to be so afraid to take a chance?

Ugh. Have I become one of THOSE women?


I tell you if one more birthday passes in singledom, I am joining a convent.

It would be just my luck to take my vow of celibacy and then meet the man of my dreams while helping orphans in Haiti.

*sidenote* I am not a nun but I do feel I have taken a vow of celibacy. lol

Remember I wrote about making the wrong choice between two guys and I made the wrong choice. Well, the guy I did not choose has resurfaced. I am stuck wondering is this a sign or wishful thinking?

*sidenote #2* I am falling behind on my resolution to get out more. I did attend a networking event last week but that's not the same as being social. IMO

Proclamation: This is the year I fall in love!

10 thoughts on “My How Time Flys When Your Single

  1. So true sister. I’ve been single so long, I forget that I’m single. It just becomes second nature.
    Don’t worry to much thought. There’s always a market for quality women. Someone will scoop ya up.

  2. Taula, I know I have been MIA but if you are still looking to get out holla at me. I could use some good girlfriends. And I am sure love is around the corner for you.

  3. now i have to go listen to Janet Jackson’s Funny How Time Flies lol. Yeah, but It’ll happen for us in due time (but making yourself available doesn’t hurt either) 🙂

  4. OMG, A cute guy on the street winked his eye at me as we cross paths downtown today….I got on the train with a big ole smile on my face….The last time it backfired on me but the next guy who asks me out…as long as he has all of his teeth…I will go out with him….
    Signed Single T

  5. You are right, I mean every man has an ice cream scooper (they only cost a buck or something). All you have to do is make sure you are the right flavor for the man you want….

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