Resuscitating the Afro – Natural Hair Care

"Pick you afro daddy, because it's flat on one side. If you don't pick your afro, you gonna leave one side high." Erykah Badu

My afro was DRYYYYY ya'll. I mean dryyyyyy. Everything I did, did not change this fact. I was THIS close to slapping a perm on it.

Then I whoosaaahhed.

I had to go back to fundamentals. It is soo important to condition people. I bought some cholesterol conditioner and had to get to work on it.

I love my natural hair but like all thing we love, sometimes I take my curls for granted. I don't condition properly. I don't wrap my hair in the satin scarf. I don't plait my hair to reduce tangles when I know I am not going anywhere for a few days.

I did not get a perm. I just conditioned and moisturized. Here is my hair on a good day:


Freshly washed with Miss Jessie's Babby Buttercreme. Style: 'Fro Hawk

If you are natural, please share your hair care tips in the comments. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Resuscitating the Afro – Natural Hair Care

  1. Taula, please please please don’t ever perm again. Stay strong girl :-). I have dry hair as well and you are right conditioner is my best friend even with my locs. I love olive oil and I always sleep with a stain headwrap. I drink lots of water as well. Your fro’ hawk is too cute from what I can see.

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