Nia Long Was Not Bashing Beyonce

So the internet and Twitter is all a buzz over what some have dubbed a major diss to Beyonce by veteran actress Nia Long.

Nia Long

Juan Murray broke the story on BV Buzz on Blackvoices:

"If you're a singer, not an actress, you should sing. If you're a rapper, you should rap," is what actress Nia Long told the U.K. magazine Pride.

In the July cover story, written by Jessica Huie, the 'Are We There Yet?' star was also asked what she thought about Beyonce Knowles' performance in 'Obsessed.'

"I didn't see 'Obsessed,' so I can't comment, but it's just not about how talented you are anymore. It's about how much box-office revenue will this person generate," Long said. "When you see certain people – we won't name names – they just don't have the skill, and no one on their team has said, 'You need acting classes." SOURCE

If you know anything about journalism, the interviewer clearly set Nia up by introducing Beyonce into the interview trying to extract a negative comment from Nia.

I have been arguing with folk on Twitter for about a half hour. LOL

Take a looksee

 Nia long1

I think Nia was lamenting the state of black actresses when roles are so few and far between. Taraji Henson is quoted as saying that before The Curious Case of Benjamin Button she was preparing to have a big garage sale because her money was funny. LOL

Even Will Smith, arguably the BIGGEST star worldwide, spoke about Hollywood not willing to take a chance on giving him a black female co-star as a love interest.

I believe we can no longer afford to rely on others to see the intrinsic value in us. I believe people should take the Tyler Perry approach. Build a loyal fanbase, target your core audience, and market your own brand. Make Hollywood take notice.

What say you?


**sidenote** Ericka Alexander aka Pam aka Maxine Shaw Attorney at Law is on Criminal Minds with Shemar Moore.

4 thoughts on “Nia Long Was Not Bashing Beyonce

  1. Whatever.. Nia Long should have kept it one-hundred and voiced America’s Opinion ” Beyonce is a horrible actress” In my opinion unless she is singing she shouldn’t ever talk to the meda let alone be on a movie screen!

  2. What it do, Go?
    Nia has to play it diplomatic because Beyonce STANS will turn on her. They already have and she never mentioned Beyonce’s name. It’s crazy.

  3. I like both women, so hopefully nothing will come out of this. However, there are much worse actors and actress’s than Beyonce. Plenty of people have no business up on the big screen (even people who call themselves actors) so it’s not fair to call out Beyonce (no that Nia meant her precisely.)

  4. Hey C1,
    The media and everyone else loves a good catfight. So yeah, folk are making a big deal about it. I am sure both women are professional enough not to make a big deal about this.

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