Interesting Church Service

I went back to the church I had visited a couple of months ago.

I get there late and the service is over. I stop a girl in the hall to ask the time of services. She excitedly told me and suggested I attend a bible class. Then she insisted I go with her to her married class. (I am single) but she was so insistent. She told me her husband was the teacher and yada, yada, yada.

It is very interesting because he subject had nothing to do with being married. He spoke about unity in the body of Christ. He said it is important to be among believers because that is how we draw strength.

Her husband told this very poignant story about an evangelist who had been stationed at a church and given a car. The only issue – the car did not run. So the evangelist devised this scheme of having his students push the car until he could flip the clutch (whatever that means) and start the engine. Throughout the day he would have to make sure he parked downhill so that he could throw the emergency break, get the car rolling and start the engine. Years passed and the evangelist was leaving his post. He explained the car situation to his replacement. The new young evangelists asked if he could take a look at the engine. He noticed that the wires were loose tightened the wires and the car started when he turned the key.

The moral of the story is that years of trouble had become routine because the connection to the power source was loose. Meaning that we as Christians go through such day-to-day trouble because we are not connected to the source - the church or body of believers.

It was the word I needed and had asked God for. So, I think I'll be returning more frequently.

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  1. Hi, Cutie Pie. Long time no see. Yeah, I visited a church and I think I’ll go back. The Word was boldly ministered and the music was great!

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