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I twittered about this yesterday but . . . 

I was walking with my work out buddy when we spot a couple (Asian) pushing twins in a double stroller. We both remark to the couple how beautiful their twins are. The buddy takes it a step further, stopping in front of the carriage, touching the baby's legs and speaking to them.

I wouldn't do it but whatever.

Then something strange and immensely embarrassing happened. My buddy starts bowing and saying "Konichiwa" over and over. The couple smiled self-consciously and I walked away in shame.

I tried to explain to the buddy how completely inappropriate it was to do that. She then says, no that's what they say in their language. I say, okay but you don't know if they are Japanese, Chinese, Korean or what. She then says, yes I do. I can tell by looking at them. She then gives me a list of BS stereotypes on how to tell Asians apart.

Now I am skeptical to this chick intelligence level. I am trying not to be so harsh on people, I am actively trying to make new friends. However, this kind of blatant ignorance that peripherally embarrasses me is unacceptable.

I skipped today's walk. Needed a break. I want to keep up the workouts and having a workout buddy is motivational but this kind of thing cannot happen again.

What would you do?


It kinda sucks that you can't see the stars from the moon. I know you are thinking what the heck are you talking about? But that's the reason given why the footage of the first lunar landing has a black sky in the background. The light reflecting from the moon does not allow the stars to be seen. Just a thought that entered my mind as I stood on my balcony trying to glimpse stars that were camouflaged by the city's lights.

Now I am wondering what else is being camoflauged by the glaring lights of life.


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4 thoughts on “Reflections, Questions and Musings

  1. Oh, my goodness. It sounds to me like your walking friend needs a stern lecture concerning Asian culture and history. Many of the various Asian groups do not especially like one another.

  2. Taula,
    Here is a little story that happened to me today. I am at walmart the cashier lady (white) asks me if I like Beyonce and then preceeds to tell me what a great moive she was just in. I am thinking to myself did she just assume off top because I was Black that I would be down to have a conversation about Beyonce.
    Then the good twin emerged and had me reconsider this from the viewpoint that she really wanted to make conversation and possibly her world is so small with exposure to different people that she was trying in the only way she knew how. Hope that makes sense.

  3. Yes it does. I think you are right to have given the situation a second glance. I am going walking again with my friend. I am trying not to be so judgemental and dismissive of people. It’s not like I am perfect.

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