Tyra’s Good Hair, Oh the Irony!

Tyra decides to tackle hair issues among black women. I applaud her for this, however, the irony is killing me. Tyra rivals Beyonce as the queen of blond weavaliciousness. For this episode, she is rocking cornrows.

I say wear your hair how you want but if straight hair is making you go into debt, making you burn your child's scalp, or causes you emotional trauma, STOP! It is not that serious.

2 thoughts on “Tyra’s Good Hair, Oh the Irony!

  1. Taula, this actually pissed me off. I am a strong advocate of natural hair but, like you I don’t really care what you do with yours. However, for the chick in the yellow shirt to say she got that white girl flo’ I really wanted to put foot to ass.

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