More Michelle Obama Photos

At the Stevie Wonder Tribute:


Official White House Portrait:


No for all of you men who have made negative comments about Michelle O, tell me that this is not an attractive photo. If not, then you just don't like women and I have helped you on your journey in discovering that fact about yourself.

18 thoughts on “More Michelle Obama Photos

  1. I know. I think some people criticize her for not being perfect or airbrushed, IDK. I have always thought she was pretty. Oh, well. I will always show another Chicago sister some love.

  2. Many people have complained about Michelle having her arms out a little too much. If you ask me, those people have a little too much idle time on their hands. I suggest that they go take up gardening or go sit on their porch and watch their front lawn grow. Too me Michelle is exquisitely beautiful, arms included.

  3. I don’t like the curtain coming our of her head, very distracting. The depth of field is a little annoying as well; the Thomas Jefferson portrait on the wall jumps out too much (it’s cropped in this photo for some reason). Other than that, Michelle looks quite fetching. And why should she not show her arms? If you’ve got em, flaunt em…

  4. Classical One:
    I have heard similar critique of the photo’s composition. I think she stands out against all of the clutter and noise of the background which, if you think about it, is a fitting metaphor.

  5. The bottom photo is fantastic, but what is all of this tomfoolery about not liking women? So … if someone doesn’t find her attractive, that means he doesn’t like any women?
    Anyone who’s read my blog knows which women I’m a fan of, and I’ll say again that, no, I don’t find Michelle Obama attractive on balance. She has taken some really nice pictures, the one above being one of them, but she isn’t attractive and depending upon the angle the camera catches her on, she’s unattractive, actually. Her eyes, her cheeks and her chin don’t go well together.
    And Smooth Thug … you need to make up your mind. You were dogging chicks out for looking “whoreish” but now you’re on Michelle Obama’s ovaries because she has her arms out? For whatever it’s worth, I can’t quite bring myself to understand why a man would have a problem with women who bares some flesh anyway, like that’s something to complain about.
    And while I’m calling folks out, Talula, let me get back on you right quick. Wasn’t it you who tried to clown me about liking women with Caucasian features? Okay, so is it just me or doesn’t Michelle look as close to Caucasian as she ever has in that bottom picture? I’ve never seen her look brighter and her hair is bone straight.

  6. LH:
    Thanks for taking the bait. I haven’t had a good row on my site in a minute..
    My point is that men who say she isn’t remotely attractive may have some issues. I base this on my experience with men who say there is no such thing as an ugly light-skinned girl but will knit pick a chocolate sister to death.
    I just do my part to stick up for the underdog.

  7. I was lucky enough to meet both Michelle and Barack at a small diner in Ohio. Michelle seems to be one of those women that it’s quite easy to be attracted to: She’s tall, very shapely, and just downright sexy. Though I don’t know her personally of course, she come across a very warm and charming- a lovely woman.

  8. Thanks Classical One:
    Those are really kind words. I knew there were men out there who could see that she is beautiful.
    I have never met the couple one-on-one but I have seen President Obama speak in person.

  9. Talula, you’re reaching.
    Everyone has issues. You clearly have issues as relates to the way black women are seen/valued based on their phenotype.
    I don’t know you personally so I can’t be sure, but I would guess your issues go deeper than merely sticking up for the underdog.
    That’s part of the reason I responded as I did when you (and others) tried to clown me for being attracted to black women with “Caucasian features.” It wasn’t that at all. It’s that the women I listed as being attractive weren’t black enough in your view.
    I remember months ago when I wrote on my blog that I didn’t think Halle Berry was sexy. You commented that finally there was a black man who didn’t bow down and worship at the altar of biracial women. I knew then that you have hang ups about skin colour and, probably, hair texture. You’ll probably swear up and down that your issues are in response to the way black men fawn over women who look “other,” but that doesn’t hold water. There are all types of cats who ONLY dig dark skinned black women. Oddly enough, I never hear anyone clowning folks who only dig black women with fair skin and so-called “natural hair.”
    That begs the question that no one has the balls to answer, which is, ‘What is black enough?’
    In the meantime, the irony of being clowned about liking black women who don’t look any part Caucasian after I said I don’t find a woman who actually is half-white attractive, and after the woman who you can’t seem to get enough of has fried her hair in an effort to look closer to white is staggering.

  10. Wow LH:
    Who’s reaching? I am neither “dark-skinned” or “permed-haired” but I don’t think any of that matters. Hair is hair. I am a person who has witnessed color-issues turn friends against one another as well as family (not mine). I do my small part to combat that. I find beauty in all shades, races of people.
    Personally, I don’t like to classify myself as a skin-shade. It’s very small-minded. I just don’t like it when negatives are heaped on one category of women. It makes one wonder why?
    All that aside, I think Michelle Obama is pretty. When people act like she is Sasquatch, I wonder why? Not that you or anyone else can’t find her unnattractive, that’s subjective, but why so much virulent dislike of her. I have read on some blogs really horrible descriptions of her. Is it not enough to say, I don’t find her attractive but do you (not you personally) have to liken her to every negative image imaginable?
    I feel that is totally unwarranted and speaks to issues just below the surface.

  11. You keep ammending your initial complaint, Talula. First you were striking a blow against those who say that a light skin woman can’t be unattractive, but now you’re going after people who liken Mrs. Obama to some mythical beast. Oh, and now you’ve introduced the idea of people disliking Mrs. Obama because they find her unattractive. You’ll forgive me if I’m having a bit of a tough time following what your issue really is.
    Be that as it may, what I took (and take) issue with is your assertion that someone who doesn’t find Mrs. Obama attractive has issues with women. The people I have issues with are those who presume to tell me what’s going on in my head by way of some dime store quasi-psychoanalysis that’s rooted in nothing more than, well, nothing, really.

  12. My position is the same. In case you missed it, I think Michelle Obama is a beautiful person inside and out. Those who do not can have their opinion. Those who degrade her in an attempt to prove that she is unnatractive have issues. Period.

  13. And my position is unchanged. You’ve got issues with the way black women are seen and valued based on their phentotype.
    Who are these strawmen who attempt to degrade her, by the way. Point them out specifically. Thanks.

  14. This message as emailed to me by Smooth Thug:
    LH, actually I’m not against women showing a little skin; arms are just fine. Some cleavage is OK too. How much is too much cleavage? Hmm. That’s hard to define. However,  I’m like Thurgood Marshall when he was asked to define porno. He said that he couldn’t define it, but then added that he knew porno when he sees it. So how much cleavage is too much? I don’t know, but I know it when I see it. See, what I’m against is showing too much skin in a way where it degrades and trivializes a woman’s body, whether if she does it to herself or if someone else does it to her, a la the incident between Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson. Another good example is a rap video. How does a rap video degrade and trivialize a woman’s body. I can’t all the way define that, but know it when I see it. How or when does a woman look “whoreish” ? Yet again, hard to define, but I know it when I see it. Lh, you can’t “… understand why [ I ] would have a problem with women
    who bares some flesh anyway…”? With me it all depends on how it’s done. First Lady Obama is just fine, arms included, as I’ve said. Foxy Brown and Lil Kim? Those two are not what being an Afro-American woman is all about. I will not dignify those two with any further comment. Still don’t understand? Here’s a suggestion: try harder.

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