Live Blogging at the DNC-Bill Clinton’s Speech

Bill_clinton_2 I am watching Bill Clinton give his speech at the DNC tonight. I am a bit nervous given Hillary’s knockout punch last night.

I was watching CNN as Bill came out and had to switch channels. CNN’s camera kept switching from shots of Hillary to Michelle and back again. I was a CNN fan but the station truly fans the flame of discontent and tries to create a standoff where there is none.

Wow, the audience has been clapping for a really long time. You cannot doubt the country’s love of former President Bill Clinton. I think MSNBC has clocked it at 3 minutes. Bill looks good, too. He appears trim, fit, and young. I don’t know what he is doing but clearly it’s working.

He begins, "I love this and thank you." He then goes right for the money. "I am first here to support Barack Obama. Second, I am here to warm up the crowd for Joe Biden."

Clearly, he is shutting the naysayers down right out of the gate. Clinton is noticeably a little lackluster. Perhaps he does not want to outshine Hillary.

Clinton quickly outlines the job of the next president as:

1. Rebuild the American dream.

2. Restore American leadership in the world.

"Barack Obama is the man for this job." Okay, old Bill is warming up. The crowd is hyped.

Clinton then goes on to say that people abroad should be impressed by the power of our example and not the example of our power.

WOW. That’s a powerful statement. The crowd is on its feet. If this was a title fight, now Clinton is clearly throwing body blows.

Bam. He brings up Katrina. Boom. He brings up Russia.

"Yes he can but first we have to elect him." Clinton has him on the ropes.

Clinton is going into his eight years of prosperity and contrasts them with the last eight years of Bush. He then ties John McCain to Bush and calls both their positions on economics, foreign policy, extreme.

Clinton says that the Republicans said in 1992 that he was too young and inexperienced and look how his eight years turned out.  The genius moment of the night.

"America must always be a place called hope." Wow, people you can’t get much clearer than that.

Clinton is now shaking hands with folk. I now know why people jokingly referred to Bill Clinton as the nations first Black President. The man has swagger. He is cool, collected, and has a keen sense of self.

Great performance. Why is Pat Buchanan allowed to speak? Everyone knows he is a right wing sycophant.

*Side note* Harold’s Ford Jr’s hotness is giving TJ Holmes a run for his money. . . Just kidding TJ, I LOVE YOU!!!!!

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