Joe Biden Will Kick Your Butt – Live Blogging

I am literally, in tears, along with Michelle Obama as Joe Biden’s son, Beau Biden recounts how he lost his mother and sister in a terrible car accident. Beau Biden is the attorney General of Delaware.


Beau states that 4 years after his mom’s death, that he, his father and brother married his mom Jill. I thought that was really cute. Jill is smiling with such pride.

Beau then goes on to list the policy accomplishments of his dad:

The Violence Against Women Act and The Crime Bill – that added 100,000 cops on the street. Beau states that his dad is willing to speak truth to power.

Enters Sen. Joe Biden.

"Yes. Yes. I accept your nomination,"as VPOTUS.

Biden has a great smile. He states that although his dad is gone, he is grateful to have his mom in the house. She is so proud. I am really feeling this all in the family vibe.

Best line of the night, IMO. Biden states that when he would get beaten up by kids bigger than him, his mom would send him back out and say, "Bloody their noses," so that he could walk down the street the next day. Talk about gumption. This is exactly what Obama needs, someone not afraid of a fist fight.

I love Joe Biden as the champion of the working class, that he says his folks back in Scranton, PA and Wilmington, DE would be offended at the term and call themselves the middle class.

He says that work is "more than a paycheck,it is dignity, respect." Love that line.

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