Latino and Black

There is a new PBS documentary, "Black and Latino." The issue of colorism among people of Latino descent is discussed.

I find this clip very interesting. A lot of the same issues of light skinned/dark skinned that are discussed among African Americans, in this documentary have a spanish twist.


And yes that is Laz Alonso looking all types of yummy in this video. lol

Suprisingly Latino:

1. My girl, Lola Falana. Her father was a Cuban immigrant.

2. Tatynana Ali – Panamanian and Trinidadian descent.


The Myth of the Angry Black Woman – Image is Everything

I ran across this video over at Women of High Standard. In the clip First Lady Michelle Obama briefly addresses the "angry black woman," image that opponents  have tried to portray her as.

Any image of FLOTUS Michelle Obama that I see, she is always poised and professional. What has she done that could be described as "angry."

I think images are powerful and one reason I had to stop watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Why is it in the age of Michelle Obama, the country has seemed to rally around the RHOA breakout start, Nene Leakes?

I think it is unfair to point out Leakes as a representative of all black women but, again, images are powerful.

Nene Leakes' character on the show is the  angry black woman stereotype and to a smaller degree so is Sheree Whitfield's on air persona. I say "on air persona" and "character" because reality tv is not, in fact, real. Who in real life has producers prompting drama and cameras filming their every move?

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Tavis Smiley’s Redemption?

I stayed up late on election night flipping through the news stations to get the different perspectives on Obama's victory. Lo and behold, Tavis Smiley, a fierce Obama, critic was on NBC with Brian Williams giving his take on the night's events.

Surprisingly gracious. But wait folks this was not the entire interview. I saw the end where Tavis goes on to lament that he hopes America really does change and not just for 'this black man'. Williams who was clearly annoyed at Tavis's negative turn cut to a commercial after stating that he believed that the election proved some type of shift in American perspectives.

I have been a fan of Tavis since his BET News days. I overlooked the hair that was never quite faded and his affection for the run-on sentence trying to support a brother. He proved quite the heel in his continual dissing of President Obama even after he secured the nomination. He, Dr. Cornel West, and Dr. Julianne Malveaux derided his DNC acceptance speech. I think the straw that broke the camel's back was Tavis' showdown at the State of the Black Union.

I am all for moving on. So, let the past be the past. I just wonder if this sudden shift in the wind's direction sincere support or if a tornado is looming.

Where Do All The Black Political Pundits Go Now?

The economy may have been bad for Joe the Plumber but it has been great for political pundits. I have never seen so many black folk on the news, esp. cable news, networks. Fox News which is notorious for their blond haired blue-eyed anchor ladies hauled out Juan Williams, Joe Watkins, Larry Elder and Ron Christie.

Larry elder 

Larry Elder

Ron Christie 

Ron Christie

These guys were vicious, opponents of President Barack Obama. These GOP and Fox News tauted them around and they faithfully spewed their anti-Obama venom. I would like to ask all of these guys, how much does a soul go for nowadays?

Juan Williams 

Juan Williams

Remember when Larry Elder had that forgettable judge show Moral Court. It was a bit funny but definitely no Judge Matthis.

Amy holmes

Amy Holmes

I am sure CNNs Amy Holmes has a future on TV. She was hard on Obama but she is pretty and TV loves pretty.

By no means am I suggesting that all African Americans have to be pro-Obama. I am just wondering do these pundits, who were relatively unknown to the general public before, draw a correlation between Obama being black and them being hired. Things that make you go, hmmm?

Well back to the field with all of ya'. Just kidding. But where do political pundits go after the election? Can someone tell me?

Juan Williams Applies for His Black Card


Just kidding. I could not believe my eyes when I ran across this video of Juan Williams tearing up and actually praising President Obama's victory. He spent 2 years berating him viciously. I am always one for the repentent heart. I believe in redemption. So . . .

. . .Juan your application is under review. You must submit 3 character references before your application is approved. Thank you for your interest.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck To Campaign For Palin

It does not surprise me that View co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck will be opening rallies for Sarah Palin beginning this Sunday. It does surprise me that Barbara Walters and the others give her a pass on her BS.


It is obvious to anyone who watches the Hot Topics each morning that Elizabeth spews Republican talking points pretty much verbatim. She is virtually a female Sean Hannity (Of FIX, I mean FOX news.) She obviously has been gunning for her moment in the spotlight. Rumor had it she was gunning for her own show on FOX. Then Barbara had to come on and soother her hurt feelings and reassure America that this was not true.

I can't wait to see what the girls have to say on Monday.