Cullen Jones and the Olympic Gold

Don’t you just hate when you see a guy on TV and you Google him and find out that he is sooo much younger than you? Not as if you ever could meet and/or date him but it kinda spoils the mental crush you saw forming. Or maybe that’s just


That’s exactly the sentiment I had upon reading Cullen Jone’s bio. You see Cullen is the 24 year old making waves on the US Olympics team in Beijing. BTW, they just brought home the Gold for 4×100 relay. This win is particularly sweet, seeing that it came on the heels of some much publicized smack talk from the French team’s Alain Bernard. Touche!!!


This kid wants to start an organization that teaches minority children how to swim.

I’ve gone to a driving range before and hit golf balls because I saw Tiger Woods doing it on TV," Jones said. "I want more minority kids to go to a swimming pool and try to swim because of me. I know I’m nowhere near Tiger Woods. But I want to make a difference. I want kids to say, ‘Look a black swimmer. And he’s got a gold medal!’ And I want them to get in the water because of it.Source

Like tennis,(previous post) I had a go at swimming. I got pretty good at it. I even have a pool where I live, but every time I get the nerve to get in, there are like a million people in it. I am no germophobe, ok, kinda am, but I get grossed out and change my mind.


Watching Cullen Jones, I think I may take that chance. At a well chlorinated, private pool of course.

4 thoughts on “Cullen Jones and the Olympic Gold

  1. I know exactly what you mean. That’ exactly how I was when I was going thru my Dominique Dawes fascination during her Olympics run in the late 90s…

  2. I am in complete agreement. My Summer Olympic crush goes to Michael Phelps. Oh he is too hot. And I don’t care that he is only 23. He is legal. Check him out. The water certainly does his body good.

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