Serena Kicks Butt In Beijing

Okay, I have not followed the Olympics since the days of Dominique Dawes and The Magnificent Seven wins in 1996, but I just had to post this news.

Serena Williams has beat Olga Govortsova, winning all four games, to win the Olympics Singles after their match was delayed due to rain. This was Serena Williams first singles match at the Olympics. She and sister Venus won a gold medal in doubles for 2000.


Every time I watch Serena play, I wax nostalgic. I wanted to join the tennis team in high school but never did. I did take up lessons briefly when I first moved to Texas, but I stopped after the first set of classes. My instructor was evil and he called me a turkey once. He said it with a smile but I don’t think he meant it as a term of endearment.


Hearing of my girl’s win, I feel the need to start up again. Besides, If playing tennis will give me a body like that, it’s worth the insults.

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