Juan Williams Applies for His Black Card


Just kidding. I could not believe my eyes when I ran across this video of Juan Williams tearing up and actually praising President Obama's victory. He spent 2 years berating him viciously. I am always one for the repentent heart. I believe in redemption. So . . .

. . .Juan your application is under review. You must submit 3 character references before your application is approved. Thank you for your interest.

4 thoughts on “Juan Williams Applies for His Black Card

  1. Yes, Barack Obama repesents the change that America so desperately needs, but his victory also signals 2 other points:
    1) The Ronald Reagan Revolution is now over (Praise the Lord!). For example: Ronald Reagan said that the way to make America prosperous again was to give millionaires and rich corporations more tax breaks. That idea was kept going through the tax policies of the first Bush and second Bush. What did McCain say? He said that as president, he would give the oil industry even more tax breaks. The people said “Hell, no!” to that! Barack Obama said that he will give a tax break to “James and Flora Evans”. Everybody else is gonna have to pay their fair share.
    2) The older generation (me included), the generation of the Viet Nam War, 7o’s Disco music, the generation of the Civil Rights Movement, has now passed the torch on to the younger generation.
    Juan Williams is applying for his Black Card and needs 3 character references? In view of the fact that his references would be Bill Cosby, Clarence Thomas, and James T. Harris, and for years of profusely berating the Afro-American community, Juan Williams has left me with no other choice but to diligently and vigorously put his application through my paper shredder; I do so with a pleasure and a joy that is beyond all measure.

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