Latino and Black

There is a new PBS documentary, "Black and Latino." The issue of colorism among people of Latino descent is discussed.

I find this clip very interesting. A lot of the same issues of light skinned/dark skinned that are discussed among African Americans, in this documentary have a spanish twist.


And yes that is Laz Alonso looking all types of yummy in this video. lol

Suprisingly Latino:

1. My girl, Lola Falana. Her father was a Cuban immigrant.

2. Tatynana Ali – Panamanian and Trinidadian descent.


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  1. Although I still have cable. I watch a ton of PBS. And the mini series about Black in Latin America was really really. Made me want to travel and see moore of our people. Let’s save for a trip….ps Laz Alonso is a hottie.

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