Where Do All The Black Political Pundits Go Now?

The economy may have been bad for Joe the Plumber but it has been great for political pundits. I have never seen so many black folk on the news, esp. cable news, networks. Fox News which is notorious for their blond haired blue-eyed anchor ladies hauled out Juan Williams, Joe Watkins, Larry Elder and Ron Christie.

Larry elder 

Larry Elder

Ron Christie 

Ron Christie

These guys were vicious, opponents of President Barack Obama. These GOP and Fox News tauted them around and they faithfully spewed their anti-Obama venom. I would like to ask all of these guys, how much does a soul go for nowadays?

Juan Williams 

Juan Williams

Remember when Larry Elder had that forgettable judge show Moral Court. It was a bit funny but definitely no Judge Matthis.

Amy holmes

Amy Holmes

I am sure CNNs Amy Holmes has a future on TV. She was hard on Obama but she is pretty and TV loves pretty.

By no means am I suggesting that all African Americans have to be pro-Obama. I am just wondering do these pundits, who were relatively unknown to the general public before, draw a correlation between Obama being black and them being hired. Things that make you go, hmmm?

Well back to the field with all of ya'. Just kidding. But where do political pundits go after the election? Can someone tell me?

4 thoughts on “Where Do All The Black Political Pundits Go Now?

  1. You do a post about African American journalists and TJ Holmes DOESN’T get a shout out? I just KNEW you would find some way to work him in there. You must be slippin’, T…

  2. I don’t watch FOX so I didn’t see the majority of these folks on TV; however, I do listen to NPR and wondered more than once whether Juan was anti-Obama. He never said anything explicit because on NPR you actually have to report news, but his tone always suggested that he didn’t like him. I guess Juan will continue on NPR.

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